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Learn how to contact ThreatDown Support for assistance with the Nebula endpoint security platform

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How to contact ThreatDown Support for Nebula

We understand that questions can arise, and the ThreatDown Support team is here to help. Below, we've outlined all the different ways you can reach ThreatDown Support, so you can choose the method that works best for you. For a better support experience, customers should login to the console. Looking for help with OneView? Contact OneView Support.

Live Chat Support

In the console, initiate live chat support by clicking the Chat icon at the bottom right. You can also use the chatbot as a virtual assistant to help search the Knowledgebase.

Login to console

Phone Support

In the console, select your profile in the upper right. Then select the Contact Us option to reveal your PIN number and the support phone number for your region.

Login to console

Support Ticket

Sign in to the console, choose the Support option on the left navigation. If you are unable to access the console, speak with our AI chatbot to create a ticket with our support team.

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