Nebula Training and Certification

Learn about Nebula training and how to become a certified Nebula administrator.

Looking to level up your security skills and protect your company against the ever-changing threat landscape?

Our training team has got you covered with our comprehensive multi-day instructor-led course on Nebula Foundations and Advanced Features and Modules.

Our goal is to empower Nebula customers with the knowledge and tools they need to confidently takedown threat levels and secure their organization's critical assets. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or new to cybersecurity, this program is for any customer who wants to enhance their ability to keep their business secure with Nebula.

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How does the program work?

This interactive and live training course is led by a Nebula expert via our virtual training platform. It includes lecture, discussion, demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

Course Topics

Over several days, the instructor will cover Nebula Foundations and Advanced Features and Modules.

Certification Exam

The certification exam consists of a multiple-choice test and hands-on practicum exam.

Nebula Certification

Participants who pass the exam will receive a verifiable certification as a Certified Nebula Administrator.

Nebula Course Overview

Our Nebula training consists of two 9-hour courses, each spanning three days, with detailed presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.

Nebula Foundations

This course explores the fundamental features and implementation of Nebula.

  • Discover Nebula‚Äôs products, security architecture & implementation methods.
  • Learn how to manage and configure key settings in the Nebula console.
  • Understand how to deploy the endpoint agent, monitor, and maintain endpoints.

Nebula Advanced Features

This course covers how to use the Nebula advanced features to enhance your security.

  • Learn how to use Endpoint Detection and Response to investigate suspicious activity events.
  • Discover our Managed Detection and Response and Managed Threat Hunting services.
  • Learn about our Vulnerability & Patch Management, DNS Filtering, and Application Block modules.

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